Tain Group Encourages Joining Ranger Guided Walks

“On 29th November last year (2011) the Tain Group accompanied Martin Hind – Easter Ross Countryside Ranger – together with other members of the public on one of his guided walks entitled “Tain Bay Birdlife”.

This coincided with our normal day and time to walk – 1pm on Tuesdays.

Although it was rather a bleak and blustery day, (well it was November after all!) it proved a very interesting and informative talk about the various species to be found wintering on the shoreline.

The ranger had taken along his tripod mounted binoculars enabling us to see a more close up view of the birds.

I would encourage other groups to attend the Ranger Guided Walks which are published in a yearly booklet. There is a nominal fee and though it says booking is not necessary, for a larger group, it is advisable to let them know in advance.”


(Sent in by Chris, a Tain Walk Leader)



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