Firstly, those keen eyed amongst you will have noticed a gap in photos and news updates on our website over past months.  We do apologise but changes to personnel and training requirements precluded us from making alterations or additions for a while, but we are now back in action, able to report all your successes (more on this below).

We’ve welcomed Beauly and Maggie’s groups most recently and they have both established very strongly.  Beauly has 4 male walk leaders and we shall be interested to see if this helps over time to recruit more men into a health walk group.  This brings our current total of group walks across Highlands to 30.

Additionally many of our groups are expanding into offering more opportunities to walk on extra days (eg Broadford), extra times on the same day (eg Plockton), extra walks moving on from our SIUH walks which walk leaders have developed themselves (eg at Kilchoan , Strathpeffer & Inverness) and lastly to offer a monthly longer walk (eg Beauly).  It just goes to show how the walking ‘bug’ can multiply in a variety of interesting ways.

Regarding all your lovely photos, as mentioned in the February walk leader newsletter (an online version is available in the newsletter tab – if you want one, just click to view!), we will remove shortly the myriad photos in the SIUH gallery and will replace with one or two for each group, so as to keep it fresh, interesting and easier to navigate.  So, if your group has a favourite photo or indeed takes a new photo that you would wish to be put up, please let us know.  Meanwhile we shall chose the best photos we hold in the office that we feel will suit & represent your group.

We shall be making a start on setting up a Facebook presence for SIUH and have just opened a twitter account on @Partners4W. We shall be learning as we go, on how to make the best of these new opportunities to connect walkers, ideas, successes, challenges and indeed share daily photos we hope.  In time we shall have separate SIUH pages rather than the main partnership for wellbeing pages, which to start will cover both SIUH and the Inverness Transport Scheme.  It’s hard to know how widely these new technologies may be used, and this applied to the plethora of walking apps and other ‘techy’ apps for smartphones that are springing up but one thing seem sure – usage is increasing and they are becoming more used as a means to connect people with similar interests in new ways.  All quite exciting and a little daunting possibly at the same time.  If anyone has particular expertise, interest or ideas on this please do let me know.

The opportunity has arisen to capture group and walker experiences on a short promotional film and we shall be contacting a few folks in connection with this shortly with a view to getting the final film ready for use from late Spring.  Another exciting development.

As ever, any local news & views are warmly welcomed and items can be posted on here, twitter and soon on Facebook!

Happy walking!


February 2015



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