Sustainable funding to effectively operate successful organisations such as PfW is always at the

forefront of our thinking and actions. In the current financial climate this task becomes ever more difficult as every year passes.

We never fail to be grateful for the continuous flow of monies however small which come from the general public and interested parties in the wider world.

Donations continue to play a vital part in top up funding alongside our core contributions and should you wish to be part of our success and want to give to PfW and we thank you in advance for this gesture.

These sums of money however small can be made direct to the organisation by sending a cheque or donating cash to Partnerships for Wellbeing at the local office or to members of the PfW Team.

A contact email system exists on the website enabling you to contact us regarding donations or please feel free to phone us on 01463 729 997 for details of how to make a donation.

We thank you in advance for your very valued continuing help.


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