Inverness Voluntary Transport Scheme

 The Transport Team

Have you ever been asked by an elderly relative or neighbour if you could give them a lift to their doctor’s surgery?

Have you ever thought how you would get there yourself if you couldn’t drive or have access to transport?

Have you taken an expensive taxi or stood in the rain waiting for a bus?

Did you know that Inverness Voluntary Transport Scheme could have taken you?

The Inverness Voluntary Transport Scheme was initiated In March 2001. The Scheme provides non-emergency transport to anyone registered with a GP in Inverness who is unable to access  Community Health care facilities.

Over the years the project has continued to expand, and has 600 patients now registered with the transport scheme. In addition to the 11 GP practices in and around Inverness, transport is also offered to patients who need to attend Primary Care appointments. These include physiotherapy, podiatry, dentist, opticians and occupational therapy as well as support groups and day care facilities.

A small charge is levied for this service, (£3 for a single journey and £5 for a return journey) which is delivered by a team of Volunteer Drivers and supported by NHS Highland The Highland Council Common Good Fund and the Highland Cross. A vehicle is provided, but some volunteers use their own vehicle.

How can I access the Scheme?

You can register with us either by calling our office directly on 01463 226662 or by asking the receptionist at your surgery or social worker to call us. Once registered all you need to do is give us a call and make an appointment. If we cannot provide transport at that time, we can liase with your clinic and try to re-schedule your appointment to a mutually convenient time.

To find out more about us why not take a look at our SNAPSHOT of the service

We always need volunteers so please contact us if you have time to spare.

Volunteering can have many advantages, including helping to develop confidence and self-esteem, providing a route into employment, and giving something back to your community.

Val and Marshall, 1st Aid Training 1st Aid Training 1st Aid Training

We currently have 14 volunteers who regularly drive for us, but we would welcome more. A vehicle is provided, or if you wish you can use your own and any travel or out of pocket expenses will be reimbursed. If you would like to volunteer, please contact Fiona MacInnes on 01463 226662 or

Below are some comments made by our clients.

“It is an excellent service, and I am always treated as a friend by the receptionist and drivers. As I am alone this gives me a good feeling.”

“The only alternative for me would be a taxi, which as a pensioner I can not afford.”

“I depend on the transport, and appreciate the help that I receive.”

“Excellent driver, I felt very safe. The driver was full of confidence – alert and ready for any situation. Very good at communicating. A very nice gentleman!”

“I use the transport regularly, it’s a first class service. I like to travel First Class!”


Long-standing client Jean Maclaren celebrates her 95th birthday with IVTS Co-ordinator Fiona MacInnes, Fiona's daughter Tamsin and volunteer driver Roy Marr.

Long-standing client Jean Maclaren celebrates her 95th birthday with IVTS Co-ordinator Fiona MacInnes, Fiona’s daughter Tamsin and volunteer driver Roy Marr.



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