Fortrose And Strathpeffer Groups On A Joint Walk In Cromarty

Fortrose And Strathpeffer Groups On A Joint Walk In Cromarty


“It makes a big difference to my life – I always used to walk miles.” (verbal comment from a visually impaired walker) Caol – March 2014

“I really enjoy the walking group in Caol. The leaders are excellent and caring and are to be commended. I have had a hip replacement and find this group great therapy. It’s good to get out and meet people. I just love it!” Caol – March 2014

“First class group. Leaders go out of their way to run events and walks without any bother to us walkers. All we have to do is turn up. Very friendly group.” Fort William – March 2014

“Enjoy being out (in all conditions!) Company. Also walking at a pace that one can walk and talk…and the blethering and coffee afterwards…one does not like to miss.” Fort William – March 2014

“Great company. Made many new friends. Good discipline to walks every week hail, rain or shine! Committee are excellent at organising walks and outings!” Fort William – March 2014

“I come for the company and the walk as I need to walk every day – the ladies are great fun.” Fort William – March 2014

“Although I cannot attend as often as I would like I really enjoy the walks and the company. The scenery is lovely.” Dunvegan – March 2014

“We are doing fine. I enjoy the exercise, conversation and company in spite of the weather!” Dunvegan – March 2014

“Thoroughly enjoy my Friday walk. Even when the weather is bad, the friendship lifts your spirit.” Dunvegan – March 2014

“I enjoy walking with the group and it gives me a bit of exercise. The walks are varied and the time of about 1 hour for each walk is just about right. The walkers are a friendly group and we enjoy each others company.” Dingwall – March 2014

“Walks – varied, enjoyable, good company. Look forward to them each week.” Dingwall – March 2014

“I enjoy the company very much. I also love the chance to see any of the wild life locally, even the flora and fauna changes. Everyone is so friendly. it’s also good exercise.” Dingwall & Strathpeffer Strollers – March 2014

“Feeling more energised.  Interaction and socialising with others is a mood enhancer and confidence booster” Dingwall – April 2015

“Meeting new people and getting to places I otherwise would not go.  Being disabled and recently separated I have found this gets me out of the house and stops me being a hermit” Fort William – April 2015

“The social side of the group has been the best bit for me” Beauly – April 2015

“I have enjoyed walking in the countryside, meeting new friends and feeling fitter”  Tain – April 2015

“I have been walking since the beginning of Step It Up.  I think it does me good but I am a bit slow and always join the slow walk” Inverness – April 2015

“I sleep better and feel more alert” Thurso – April 2015

“I enjoy walking as part of a group, as well as learning more about my local area and socialising.  I feel healthier, I also try to walk more every day as I am hoping to lose some weight, it is much more enjoyable walking in a group” Thurso – April 2015

“I’ve lost weight and I am much healthier” Tongue & Bettyhill – April 2015

“Being with the group encourages you to go out when you not have bothered previously and it’s good to meet different people.  it is always something to look forward to” Smithton – May 2015

“I’ve lost a bit of weight and generally feel fitter.  The Step It Up Highland group which I walk every week with does very short walks, 1-2 miles usually.  It’s a nice sociable group but a few members are older or generally not too fit so walks are kept reasonably short to accommodate that” Beauly – May 2105

“I’m less tired, more supple and it’s easier to breathe.  I’ve enjoyed the walks, they have definitely improved my health, I have met and made new friends.  I find the social aspect as important as the physical aspect” Beauly- May 2015

“I’m getting fitter.  It’s nice to walk with a group of like minded people” Beauly – May 2015

“Walking and talking is great and the walk is over before you realise it” Thurso – May 2015

One of our WL’s at Beauly told us that “One lady has gone from being able to do a flat mile very slowly and unsteadily to 2.6 miles quite a bit faster, which is brilliant!” Beauly – May 2015



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